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You can contact relevant lawyers from within the forum question itself or you can search for lawyers through our find lawyers option. Get in touch with lawyers of your choice, while enjoying the confidence of ruly
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Specify your legal requirement and receive proposals from multiple lawyers. Choose the proposal that suits you and get your legal work done, all backed by ruly's moneyback guarantee
  1. Select a legal service or create a service requirement
  2. Fill in the details & submit your requirement
  3. Receive proposals from multiple lawyers for free with fee quotations, deliverables & milestones
  4. Choose a proposal that suits your budget and requirements, chat with the lawyer to confirm the deliverables
  5. Pay the quoted fees
  6. Get the project completed by the lawyer
  7. Share your feedback to process the payment to the lawyer
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Legal documents you need
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Help in crunch situations
  • Connects you to the nearest police station anytime, anywhere in India
  • Call the lawyer closest to your location, if needed
  • *App only feature
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Your transactions and interactions on the ruly App and website are backed by ruly. So you can just focus on getting stuff done, fast and easy
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  • Money-back guarantee
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