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Posted 20-Apr-18 16:20 PM

Inheritance tax law

If you inherited money but you were not informed by the bank you were not to withdraw it as it must still need to be taxed but was told you could transfer the funds into your bank account and you are living in different countries but now they are claiming the money from you. But you were not able to access the money its been placed on hold

Posted 09-Apr-18 17:02 PM

How do I know the Central Jurisdiction for my #GST registration?

Where should I search for Commissionerate, Division and Range for my business during GST registration?

You should browse to . Then, on the left hand side menu, select the name of your state from the drop down.

Then expand the relevant zone from the Zone sub-menu. Next scroll to your district name and click on the expand option (plus + sign). You shall see a list of divisions. Click on the division name (and not the plus sign). All ranges in the division shall be listed on the right. Keep clicking on division names till you find a range within that division with your address, area mentioned under it. Ufortunately, browsing through the data is the only option presently. Once you find your area, you have found the right range, division and zone information! 


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Posted 09-Apr-18 16:43 PM

What is Trade Name when going for #GST registration?

At the second step of the GST registration process, I am asked for a Trade Name at What does Trade Name mean here?

Trade name is the name of our company/legal entity, in case you're not a sole propreitor. In case you're registering as a sole propreitor, please use the name of your establishment as Trade name

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Kiran Gill

Posted 06-Apr-18 17:21 PM

Unless, the data (reviews) is for products being sold/manufactured by you or if you have a contract with these websites, or if you're a search engine/cataloguing website where your principal business is to discover such websites' content (And hence it should be beneficial to these websites), you shouldn't use scraped data from other websites.

Consider becoming an affiliate of such websites and then you can legally use their hyperlinks for commercial benefits

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Posted 03-Apr-18 19:51 PM

how far are parents liable for the debts incurred by their deceased son?

Son has been living separately past 15 years and not in touch with his parents. He is married and divorced. He took loan from bank for setting up of business. Now bank has made his parents as Legal representative and asking them to pay. Son has not given any estate to his parents. Please answer soon with supporting case laws!!

Lori Micheletti

Posted 27-Mar-18 09:18 AM

How can I get a copy of a contract I signed with an auctioneer if he won't give me it to when I asked?

I signed a contract with an auctioneer in MT and I cannot locate my copy. I have asked the auctioneer several times for a copy of the contract and he said he would send one but never has. There have been many issues regarding the auction of my property, including items taken but not put on the auction.

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