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Hudson George

Posted 25-May-17 10:10 AM

I have booked a hotel in Amsterdam through make my trip which costed 7860 after a discount from make my trip. I received a booking confirmation. When I reached hotel, there is no booking. I wasted half day and had to book another hotel at 12500

When I was checking in to the hotel, there was no reservation. I had to travel another 10km with my family to find a hotel which costed 12500Rs.What is the legal way I can ask for the compensation for extra money I spend to get new accommodation,time wasted and travel cost involved.

disha singh

Posted 24-May-17 14:54 PM

This is expected and it is actually required of commercial establishments to deduct TDS. You can file a tax refund and you shall be reimbursed the deducted amount in the event you fall in the 0% income tax category (minimal salary which is tax exempt). You can request your company to not deduct it upfront but even then you should file the income tax return to acknowledge this income and pay (or be exempted formally from) the tax that you may be liable for.

Please note that in case you are a minor, your salary may be added to that your parent(s).

One way in which your stipend may be tax exempt is if it can be considered as a form of scholarship, where you need to undertake the internship as part of continuing your education and are being paid not for the work you are doing (not as a salary) as part of the internship but to continue your education further.

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Anu Bhargava

Posted 24-May-17 09:11 AM

Divorce between 2 NRIs and am I thinking correctly or just spoiling someone's life by expecting love from my husband is this the way every married life goes on

Hello, We live in Australia & have been married since 6 years, we have a 3years girl child. Since getting married we are not in good terms, both of our lifestyle and thinking everything is different. My husband treats me as if I'm a machine to do all kitchen tasks and household chores, and also tells this is the way we have to live and not any movie or fantasy to expect some cinematic style of life, I never ask him any fantasy kind of things, I only expect him to talk to me or spend time with me for 5 minutes in a day after coming home & at least few outings like shopping & parks or taking child to some open place, but he is almost not interested & keeps on getting angry and shouts at me. He brings everything like groceries & gives money for my spendings but never give his time. I feel alone & isolated while he's busy with the phone( though it's his friends & family). At the age of 28 I'm being treated as 50+ and I work in IT and still he doesn't help me with the cooking & tells me he doesn't know( before getting married he stayed in Australia for 8 years without me). My point is it's not about cooking, it's just about sharing & spending some quality time in the kitchen. Just neglecting me & even the child sometimes and always trying to dominate me & his family involves in everything everyday, his siblings and parents make video call everyday without letting him know or tell him to help me after coming from work. They keep on telling me he is like that so much of angry and we follow him and scared of him because we love him, if you love him you have to obey him after all it's your husband. I always wanted my life partner to be my best friend and understands me well. I support him when ever I get an opportunity, but he doesn't and behaves like who cares. Keeping my parents and society and my ethics in my mind, and hoping for a change from him, I waited 6 long years and had many fights between four walls and never ever give any complaint on him to any of my family except my mother So, someone please suggest me, what to do and is taking divorce a good decision( I tried to talk to him , he is not at all interested and doesn't even consider this as a prblm) He keeps on telling me I will take care of you till my last breath, because I married you and whatever happens between us you have to accept it ( where I can't, and vexed of this isolation, tried taking off my life) How 2 Australian citizens married under Hindu act can file for divorce and Time and the child custody( I can't leave with out my daughter)? The consequences, because no one ever dreamt of this ( even families) and they all of course try to reconcile our relationship and which I don't want, after all I'm the one who leaves with him, and I tried for 6years and he doesn't change his Attitude about wife and marriage. I want to live a peaceful life and go away from male dominated life. Thanks for taking time to read ,hope to hear some great advices. ..

Dear ma'am, without wanting to sound regressive and considering your passionate question details here, generic advice would be to reconsider your divorce objectively. Think about all that you have going for yourself - presumably a comfortable life, children and a husband who is probably not cheating on you, but is a bit aloof and lacks empathy. Consider talking to him seriously and make him aware of how his behaviour disturbs you - make him realize the seriousness of it. Divorce should, of course, be the last resort.

On the legal bit, you have mentioned that you are an Australian citizen. If it can be assumed that you and your husband have given up your Indian nationality, then you can proceed with divorce as per Australian rules. Once you have obtained the divorce (mutual or contested) and you have sufficient proof to prove that both sides have been thoroughly represented in the divorce proceedings, you can also file a declaratory petition in India (where your marriage was registered) to consider the registered marriage as divorced going forward in India as well. You can read more about international matrimony laws here: .

If you are an NRI (haven't given up your Indian passport yet), and the marriage was registered in India, you will have to file for divorce in a local (Indian) family court. You can file it in your city or your spouse's city or in the city where your marriage was registered. As it is a mutual consent divorce, the proceedings shall be over in 6 months. You can appoint a POA for appearance in courts on your behalf. But you need to be present in the court while petitioning for divorce, presenting evidence and for the final judgement.

Contact a local (Indian) lawyer to draw up the documents and file it in the court. You can search for lawyers in your city on ruly here.

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Posted 23-May-17 19:59 PM
Posted 22-May-17 13:58 PM

I am working with a Pvt Ltd Company as a Sr. Software Engineer. I have been placed at the client location. I am 6 Months Pregnant, and have informed the company regarding the same through mail. Now the company says, they do not have any Maternity Leave

I am working with a Pvt Ltd Company as a Sr. Software Engineer. I have been placed at the client location. I am 6 Months Pregnant, and have informed the company regarding the same through mail. Now the company says, they do not have any Maternity Leave Policy in the organisation. They are now planning to shift me to other client location at Hyderabad or Pune or else will have to work in night shifts at the head office at Dahisar. Currently I am staying at Dombili Shilfata and travelling to dahisar takes 3 hrs and working in Night shifts is not an option. Also they said if I am not okay with the above mentioned options, then I should resign.

Here's an article which talks about Maternity leave in a succint format:

Broadly, you should get maternity leave 6 weeks before the expected delivery and at last 6 weeks post delivery (or even attempted delivery). You're entitled to 12 weeks of maternity leave if you have minimum 80 working days to your credit in the last 12 months counting from start of maternity leave to be eligible for maternity benefits. Also you should have salary benefits during our maternity leave period.

Here are a few Labour Law advocates who should be able to help you:

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Mohsin Shaikh

Posted 22-May-17 13:46 PM

i am working with Cafe coffee day

i am working with employee as per there rule they can not take me back as per policy but there are people working with them as re joining with help of Hr .i got terminated by them in front of police they said they will take me back on job after i rease from jail an you tell me i can ask for take me back .

Your question is not very detailed. But if you were fired previously for whatever reason and you accepted it, then the employer is under no legal obligation to hire you back. You could use your personal connections to find a job again in the same organization or outside but this doesn't sound like a legal obligation on part of your former employer

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Posted 21-May-17 22:08 PM

Reporting time in central govt offices/ autonomous bodies funded by central govt

Hello, I wanted to know the reporting time for morning in central govt/ autonomous bodies funded by central govt. and which are still running in 6 days a week mode. I sometimes reach upto half an hour late; my senior is threatening with disciplinary action. The time of starting office is 9.30 am It will be nice if someone can also point me to relevant documentation as well. Thank You.

As per this circular of the Department of Telecom, the official timings for Central Government offices are 9:00 am to 5:30 pm:

Detailed instructions are available here:

If you report beyond 9:30 am, your senior might be right in asking you to take the day off as a CL . If you look at the attendance trends available at , you should find that the average in time is 9:32 am today which means that people make it on time to avoid the CL or they are a part of the attached or subordinate offices where official timings are 9:30 am onwards.

Would suggest consulting with your department for further clarification

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Posted 18-May-17 18:02 PM

You should understand the concept of self acquired property completely. If your father bought the property or it was explicitly bequeathed to him through an expressed will, only then can the property be called "Self acquired" wrt your dad. If your father, however, received the property as a coparcener under the Hindu Succession Act, then it cannot be called "Self acquired" and your brother might contest it.

Similarly, if your dad did not explicitly bequeath the property to your and your brother through a will, then your other brother(s) also have a right to your father's property, even if it is "Self acquired" as they would be trated as coparceners under the Hindu Succession Act 

Here is a case you might want to read about:

A few property lawyers, in case you feel like consulting them:

A few lawyers dealing with Wills and Trusts:


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